Nubian Ascends

Our goal is to build an Entrepreneurial Gateway to empower artist and those effected by traumatic events.

The most widely used metaphor to explain a complex transformation is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

          As a caterpillar’s cocoon provides the perfect environment for it to become a beautiful butterfly, we believe creative spaces provide the necessary resources for artists to become successful entrepreneurs.

          Our collective is taking a holistic approach towards shifting emerging artists into becoming solely dependent on their own abilities. The Inner City Sanctuary for the Arts has provided a safe, inclusive environment for innovation and community engagement. The nonprofit has joined Umbrella Marketing Group to increase resources for artists and to make an impact on New England’s social issues. We also provide access to marketing resources, business opportunities and field experience in creative industries.

Inspired by Toms Shoes’, One for One business model, our plan is to divide support from like-minded partners and purpose-driven clients to empower emerging artists and/or those in need of trauma relief.

          Your involvement is vital to achieving our goal of ensuring the long-term benefits of creative spaces. Unlike a caterpillar, every individual cannot provide itself with the necessary resources to become successful.  In most, if not all, success stories a small network of family, community members, teachers or mentors provide the cocoon-like atmosphere to keep a developing mind focused. In similar fashion, creative spaces make the phrase “it takes a village” a reality. Whether you are a parent, business owner, consumer, creative artist or an athlete, we invite you to play a role in our efforts of empowering the next generation to overcome economic disparities and combating mental health issues.

We are set on buying and renovating a building in the heart of Boston into an innovative maker-space. A $35 million project with opportunities exclusively for small businesses including residences, restaurant, vendor cafe, 2 bar/lounges, performance theater and concert venue. To assist families we offer 24-hour infant and youth drop off as well as an arcade featuring laser tag and future home to our travel bowling and billiards teams.

Community Equity Alliance, LLC

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